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What is it?

This live crash course will consist of 3 live zoom calls, 1 hour each on 3 consecutive Mondays. Attendees will learn about a unique social media strategy called the H.E.A.T. Method, which combines Humor, Education, Adding-Value & Trust.

When utilized correctly, this will allow you to meet a prospect in person one time, add them across social media, and based off of the content that you post, you'll remain top of mind & your audience will begin to know, like and trust you... ultimately making you easy to recommend and refer business to.

What should I expect?

Day 1: In order to create content that will attract new business from social media, we must first start with creating content that resonates our target. In order to do that we need to first figure out who we're talking to. In this session we will dive deep into using Chat GPT to to identify a target customer profile. In doing so, we'll identify ripe markets along with reverse engineer problems that cause your prospects to reach out to you. Once that is completed, we'll go how to use leverage A.I. to create long for content that resonates with your audience and position yourself as an authority.

Day 2: Once we've identified our target market, it's time to introduce the first part of the H.E.A.T. Method which is Humor Based Marketing. Understanding this is crucial because most people go on social media to be entertained. Knowing that will allow you to stand out from the noise and create a message that sticks. A simple way to do that is by creating a Meme or a GIF so that you can advertise your business in an entertaining way... Not to mention, these require zero graphic design skills!

Day 3: Here we will focus on Education Based Marketing, which is a great way to demonstrate to the marketplace that you can actually help them. In doing so you Add Value and Create Trust, which will allow you sell without appearing salesy. A simple way to do that is by creating a branded infographic and repurposing reviews for short form content. Remember "anything worth saying, is worth saying briefly" so these will you to accomplish more with less.

What are people saying?

Carolyn Litton

Alan’s 3-day crash course is a tremendous value! Having him guide me step-by-step in making my own marketing pieces live on the zoom call is next level! It’s the extra support I needed in implementing what I learned from his talks. I highly recommend working with Alan!

Tony Paolella

Alan is THE MAN!! He is a phenomenal public speaker and an All-Star Sales & Marketing Coach. He has a fun, easygoing teaching style that helps make AI seem far less scary and intimidating 😁. If you are looking to step-up your Content Marketing game….Alan is your guy! 👍

Kari-Ann Ryan

Alan has figured out not only how to create very engaging content but also how to help others to do the same. He has taken the time and commitment to dig into some simple to use programs and pull out marketing best practices. Then he has offered his expertise to us so we can duplicate his successes for our own business. He has taught me some great marketing tips using AI and more and I am grateful for the easy to use advice especially when time is very valuable. I highly recommend you take his courses, see him when he is speaking publicly or hire him for one on one help. You wont regret it!

Matt Harrold

Alan has done so much for me and my business. From learning how to market myself in a variety of different ways to having fun while marketing myself and my business. Being a client of Alan's has already helped my business grow and retain my current clients. His personality and willingness to help are two things that make working with Alan a truly unbelievable experience.

Sandra Price

If you have the opportunity to attend one of Alan's marketing workshops, do it! His natural talent and quick wit shine through all he does. His simple, easy-to-implement steps will allow you to market like no one else. The result will be more customers for your business. I am happy to refer my clients to Alan.

Dr. Russ Watson

I attended Alan's "3-day Crash Course" in becoming a content creating machine, and he exceeded all of our expectations. We learned how to use Chat GPT to create stellar content, tables, FAQs and articles. He taught us to keep things light with Humor-Based-Marketing. He showed us some secrets of GIFs and Memes, and also how to wrap messages into attractive infographics. Saying that his 3-day Crash Course is a 'Game-Changer' is an understatement!

ACTION ITEM: Sign up for his next course. You will learn much more than you might expect.

When does it start?

The dates for the next group are 8/5, 8/12, 8/19 at 9am cst via zoom.

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